Dingle Druid products are made as a co-creation with Nature using the finest natural  ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.


 These products are a result of a deep love of Nature and all the beings of the land.. Since childhood I have always been in communication with my natural surroundings , especially my beloved plants, flowers and trees.

Over the last 8 years I have been training as a Plant  Spirit medicine practitioner. Within this journey I have fallen in love with making skincare  and wellbeing products that are filled with only  the healing goodness of what Nature intended. 


All are handmade in small batches . As I work with the cycles of the Moon and the Celtic Medicine Wheel of the year, great attention is paid to  harvesting when its an  optimal  time to do so, filled with the lifeforce of the healing plants..

Many of the ingredients are grown at the Dingle Druid  apothecary's  garden or foraged locally.

As a professional  Horticulturalist \ Earth guardian of 32 years I have a deep appreciation of our Natural world and have always gardened using biodynamic principles , gardening by the Moon, without the use of chemicals or anything that would harm the Earth.


It is a Co Creation,  working with the Earth and Heavens co creating in harmony with Nature.

With this intention that Dingle Druid are products have been birthed. My  intention in making them is they may guide you to inner harmony and deep self care.

That they be gifted in kindness to yourself and others.

They are made with great love for you to enjoy. XXXXX Juli.