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Shop Dingle Druid Products

My magical lotions and potions are made with love and healing plants to offer solace and comfort. They make the perfect keepsake from a trip to Dingle, bringing you back to a deep, grounded connection with Nature. 


My intention in making Dingle Druid wellbeing products is that they may guide you to inner harmony and deep self care, that they be gifted in kindness to yourself and others. 


The Dingle Druid products are made in small batches with the magic of Nature's finest ingredients, from my apothecary garden and hedgerows, harvested and foraged in harmony with the rhythms of the lunar cycle, when they are filled with optimum life force and healing powers. The Dingle Druid apothecary’s garden is managed biodynamically without the use of any chemicals or anything that would harm the Earth. They are made with love for you to enjoy. 

“These products are a result of a deep love of Nature and all the gifts of the earth and hedgerows.”

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