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About Dingle Druid


I am Julí Ní Mhaoileóin (Julí Malone), the Dingle Druid. I am what you might call a 'hedge witch'. I use the gifts of Nature in ceremony, ritual and handmade products. In this way, I call on Nature to guide us, heal us and soothe us. 


My deep love of Nature originally led me to train as a horticulturalist and florist. After years of further study I now focus on Herbalism and Plant Spirit Medicine to share the sacred gifts of Nature.


As a Ceremonialist, I work with Nature and the elements to combine the ancient lore of plants with the healing, power and wisdom of the Druids, resulting in heartfelt ceremonies and deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.


I dedicate myself and my work to help people connect with Nature, with the magic of the plant world, and through it forge deeper connections in their lives, with their inner selves and with others. 

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"Remembering our soul's path, and that love is all there is."

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