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Julí performs a public ritual at the Díseart Gardens in Dingle.

Samhain Celebrations

Samhain, the Celtic precursor to Halloween, marks the beginning of the darker days of the year.

Sacred Drums.

Shamanic frame drums are one of the world's oldest musical instruments.

Fire Ritual

The flames make a powerful image of a warrior during a fire ritual.

Díseart Gardens

Julí marks the festival of Bealtaine in May.

Sacred fire

Julí harnesses the sacred power of fire in druidic rituals.


Julí tends to the hive in her Druid's Garden.


The hive in the Druid's Garden.

Public Events

Julí gives a talk.

Public Events

Julí performing a ritual in the Díseart Gardens in Dingle.


Groups or individuals can book in for transformational ceremonies.

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