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Roses love me and I love Roses

Since childhood I have always loved Roses, when I say loved I mean full blown heart open love.

This is what is awakened within me when I connect with them.

Dog Rose \ Rosa Rugosa, its incredibly generous, growing with such ease. I use it as a hedgerow plant in the garden offering protection, perfect height with minimum maintenance. In Summer it offers a profusion of repeat flowering magnificent scented flowers dearly loved by bees, especially Bumblebees, Autumn brings full ripe vitamin filled Rose-hips dearly loved by birds, Rose hip oil is exceptional for maintaining youthful skin, a close friend as we enter the Crone years.

The scent is heavenly, like it is drawn down direct from the heavens, from source, I love to make infused honey, Rose syrup, Rose petal tea or an Elixir to name a few.

I am loved on a very deep level with Rose. It holds a gift of breathing life, heart, balance and joy where there is fear, grief,, shock, anxiety into the deepest rawest wounds, especially to inner child wounds, healing trauma to the vulnerable, bringing balance and healing, kindly &, gently to wounds of the unspeakable, trauma, shock, violations of the body, to raw grief.

I love how it connects me to the beauty of its sensuality, softness, openness rekindling the joy and pleasures of life, offering an acceptance, permission to surrender to enjoy these pleasures. Rose holds such powerful goddess energy.

A bath or footbath of Rose petals & oil are one of life's luxuries. Rose cream and Rose hip oil lovingly applied afterwards enhancing inner and outer beauty, strengthening softening simultaneously, relaxing the mind and body. It is from here one can stop to smell the roses , charmed by there gifts.

Rose water or a drop of Rose oil brings such beauty, balance, peace to the heart space.

It's a medicine cabinet all in itself. Bringing me back to my grandmothers garden, warm sunny days watching the bumblebees on the Roses. Stopping to smell the roses as a child is a must, enchanting. Connecting us on a deeper level to the energy of love that underpins all creation, whispering, we are all one.

I love observing Roisin-mya my daughter ( Roisin is the Irish of Rose) make potions with roses, seeing her use them instinctively to make friendship sprays, or recently a spray to feel safe with extra courage to negotiate the trials and tribulations of the life of a 8 year old, reaching for Rose to remind her and connect her instinctively to her own self worth, self love, that deep knowing of her inner truth and healthy boundaries. Roses have wonderful clear boundaries & protection in the form of there characteristic thorns.

life is a continuum of grief and letting go, to this I reach for Rose, for she understands, she knows , she knows the depths and rawness of grief & sorrow. She also knows the depths of love, of joy.

Full blown heart open love that Is my friend, confidante and saviour Rose.

Trust in self and the path of beauty, when I forget I turn to her.

Beannachtai Grianstad An Tsamhraidh, / Summer Solstice &Dog Rose blessings to each of you.

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Wishing for you Juli, all the blessing of the rose. xx

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