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Winter Light, Comfort & Joy Body & Room Spray

Winter Light, Comfort & Joy Body & Room Spray




A comforting, warming essence to bring warmth to cold days. 


Clove oil: to enhance feelings of love and friendship while providing protection against negativity. The scent of clove boosts confidence and gives deep comfort to the heart.  

Sweet orange: like the sun, orange lifts those who are down, helps the confused find direction, creates a sense of true home and comfort. Reminding us of the light of the sun even in the depth of Winter. The high energy of oranges is said to communicate the joy of angels and all celestial light beings.

Cinnamon oil: invokes feelings of comfort,  protection and love in your heart. Nourishes your soul and raises your spiritual vibrations. Cinnamon sanctifies and attracts wealth and personal prosperity and balances the sweetness in life.

Pine oil: represents rebirth and immortality and strength in adversity. It burns a bright light in darkness and invites a joyful energy within.

The alchemy of this mix shines an inner light on darkness to invoke feelings of Comfort & Joy, leaving one feeling safe,  loved and secure. 

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